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Figlie dell´Arte del Cielo
Daughters of Heaven´s Art


Snuff bottles

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    Types of Snuff Bottles

    Birth and Evolution of Snuff Bottles Chinese art in its millennial history has reached unique levels of expressions, that other cultures never could match when they tried to...

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    The Passion for Snuff Bottles

    The habit of tobacco sniffing started in Northern China among Tartaric tribes (Manchoo). During the year 1644 those seized power against the weak Ming reigning dynasty. The constant...

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    Materials and Shapes

    Materials Extraordinary is the range of materials to produce snuff bottles. The artefact is never considered precious on account of precious material used, but on account of the...

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    The Work Made by Jesuit Priests

    It seems quite important to me to introduce a short unit about the activities carried out buy the Catholic Church especially by the Company of Jesus as they...

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    How to Read a Snuff Bottle

    Rich and fascinating the way to describe snuff bottles, as this lets us to reveal the mysteries that are represented. Over the many Catalogues I have examined, both...

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    Decor Themes

    The decor themes: Mythology and Symbolism in Chinese Culture The fascinating snuff bottles world becomes richer with decorative themes on their surfaces. Decorative themes are always part of...